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23 Jul

Online Marketing

Online Marketing - Be DifferentOnline Marketing – There Is a High Cost to Blending In

Do Things Differently (and better)

When it comes to marketing I see that many companies copy one another. Rather than trying to stand out they try to fit in. It is almost as if they are trying to blend in.

To be successful you need to understand your audience and then stand out from the crowd. There is a high cost to blending in. Full Story

16 Jul

Ads of Impact

Advertising with ImpactMy prior blog post (Content Marketing versus Advertising) stated that advertising has its place and helps your content marketing efforts. A clever ad attracts attention and gets someone to want to learn more.

A clever ad is retained longer. Full Story

30 Jun

Content Marketing or Advertising

Advertising vs Content MarketingContent Marketing or Advertising

I teach classes on Content Marketing and I notice that people sometimes have a problem distinguishing between advertising and content marketing. I often explain that advertising and content marketing can work together. That advertising helps to make people aware and then if they want to dig in deeper then advertising can hand off to content marketing. Here is an examination of both advertising and content marketing.

Both have their place. Full Story

19 Jun

The Need to Build Social Networks

Building Social Network Success BabyThe Need to Build Social Networks

Small Business Owners Lament

I was at a business event a couple of weeks ago and there was a socializing aspect to it so I got to speak with some local business owners.

Here is a revealing story about a common business problem and some ideas for a solution. Full Story

17 Jun

Link Building

Link Building

Link Building

The Rich Get Richer

Real life is not fair, unfortunately. This seems to be even more true when it comes to matters of wealth and success. Critically, this is true also in the world of Internet marketing when it comes to acquiring links – sometimes it’s just not fair. Full Story

9 Jun

Link Building

Link Building - SEOLink Building

What’s Your Starting Point?

There are many link building tactics. However, link building must be strategic in nature. You must consider the nature of the website being promoted and its starting point. Here are three common starting points. Understanding your starting point (where you are now) will help you determine where you want to go and how to get there. Full Story

30 May

Increase Blog Leverage

Blog Leverage - Make It EasyIncrease Blog Leverage

Increase Your Readership

When it comes to reaching a wider readership for a content marketing website, many marketers focus on external efforts like ads, guest posting, and syndication. While promoting your content elsewhere is important, here are five ways to help your audience which will also help you to grow your audience without ever leaving home. Here are some on-page strategies for getting more clicks, reads, and downloads on your blog. Full Story

25 May

Shakespeare and SEO

Shakespeare and SEOShakespeare and SEO

Gifts for Our Audience

What did Shakespeare teach us? He taught us that for sustainable and long term success we need to write well. We need to write what people want to read. We need to create content that they do not see everywhere else.

We need to write regularly and with an effort to create variety and depth of content while entertaining and providing new stimuli. Full Story

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