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24 Oct

Ten LinkedIn Tips

LinkedIn Tips – Details Matter

Using LinkedIn Wisely

Ten LinkedIn TipsLinkedIn can be used to make connections and develop relationships. To use LinkedIn is not an exercise in collecting connections. It has to be much more than that to be a successful tool.

Also, LinkedIn, today, is much more than a site for job seekers and HR departments looking for employees. People make worth while and fruitful business-enhancing connections on LinkedIn.

Here are Ten LinkedIn Tips on how to get more out of your LinkedIn account. Full Story

20 Oct

Backlinks – Why They Are Important

BacklinksInternet Search Marketing – Backlinks

You may have heard the term and have an idea that they are important for gaining search position. However, what is a backlink and why are they important?

Let me start by explaining exactly what I mean by backlinks as many people confuse the term or don’t fully understand it.

Links form the relationships between pages on the Internet. They allow people to navigate from a given point on the Internet to other points on the Internet. Many people understand the value of links from this perspective. The problem is not making a distinction between a link and a backlink. If you want to enhance the marketing of your online content then you need to understand backlinks and their immense value. Full Story

29 Sep

What Content Format Do People Like Best?

Content-Marketing-Best-FormatWhat Content Marketing Format Do People Like Best?

This Is a NOT a Trick Question

If you are a content marketer then you may often think about what content format will work best for your audience. Should you blog or create podcasts? You may not be any good at making videos but you think your audience will like them. You may be a specialist at white papers but your audience may not enjoy them as much as the same topic and information in a different format.

Here are some data and some insights for you. Full Story

24 Sep

Building Business Relationships

Building Business Relationships - Essentials for Business SuccessBuilding Business Relationships

10 Business Relationship Building Tips

The focus of this article is on building business relationships.

This subject is an important one; after all, if we treasure our possessions, job, reputation, or authority more than our relationships, all of these aspects of our life will suffer.

I even advocate that the quality of our lives will be determined by the quality of our relationships. Full Story

18 Sep

Storytelling – Time Setting – The Future

Storytelling & Content MarketingStorytelling to Inspire

Storytelling is something that most people love and storytelling meshes perfectly with the way our minds have evolved.

A story that helps to convey your message and helps to inspire your audience is a very valuable story. I want to use this post to explain the concept of the telling a story that takes place in the future. Full Story

16 Sep

Content Marketing Stickiness

Content Marketing and Making a Message StickyContent Marketing Stickiness

A Stickiness Framework from “Made to Stick”

I really like the book Made to Stick by Chip and Dan Heath. I own both the book and the audio CD.

They go into detail about a framework that can be used to evaluate whether an idea is “sticky” or not.

Here are the six core parts of their framework:

  • Simple
  • Unexpected
  • Concrete
  • Credible
  • Emotional
  • Stories

This book is required reading if you create content to market your business. Here is a summary of the framework so that you can get an idea of how it can help verify your content ideas. Full Story

25 Aug

Content Marketing & LinkedIn

How LinkedIn Can Help Your Content Marketing Efforts

Content Distribution Support and LinkedIn

Content Marketing and LinkedIn

LinkedIn can be a valuable channel to help promote your online content. The significant aspect of this channel is that it is big (300+ million users) yet can still be specific (niche focused). This is what can make it a valuable content marketing channel. Let’s face it – we all need readers and to have the ability to have our niche-focused content read by our targeted niche is very valuable.

LinkedIn now allows members to publish (note it is permission based)!

You can think about LinkedIn as being the “facebook” for professionals. It is social media but with the starting point already being designed for and understood by professionals. This is not the “happening place” for teenagers or for people posting their vacation pics. This is the cool place for pros.

Full Story

18 Aug

Improve Your Blog

Improve Your Blog

Five Improvement Tips for Your Blog

Blog Improvements

Today, companies use blogs in many creative ways. For many their blog is a key component of their online content marketing strategy.

This blog post will cover 5 simple tips to help you improve your blog. Full Story

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